Cerberus Global’s capabilities and expertise has shaped the quiet professional ethos of the company, instructors teach from real world experience and operate as a cohesive unit to educate, inspire and motivate.

  • Basic military static line parachute training
  • Basic military freefall training
  • Basic and advanced military canopy control training
  • Advanced military freefall training
  • Advanced HAHO operations (ATIC)
  • Military tandem and tethered bundle courses
  • Aerial cargo delivery
  • Basic JPADS training
  • JPADS support and sustainment training
  • Aircraft support
  • Research and development and special projects
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Offshore fast boat interdiction for CN, GT and Immigration tasks
  • Onboard security and consultancy for both the commercial and private sectors
  • Maritime surveillance and TTL
  • Fast boat training
  • Maritime technical surveillance
  • Ship boarding at sea
  • Ships search and conduct on board
  • Inspection, tracking and locating
  • Weapon training small arms and sniper
  • Defensive driver training
  • All aspects of surveillance, counter-surveillance and anti-surveillance, foot and mobile
  • Technical surveillance
  • TTL training and operational support
  • Lock manipulation
  • High value asset recovery


Cerberus Global have consulted on a large range of projects such as VIP security and surveillance to offshore oil and gas platform protection as well as program and curriculum management for air and maritime operations.

  • Curriculum development and program management
  • Bespoke training programs
  • Security planning and VIP protection
  • Offshore interdiction plans
  • Ship boarding techniques and equipment


Cerberus Global is the first port of call when highly qualified former military and government operators are required.

  • Private and discreet yacht security
  • Advance trip security planning and threat assessment
  • Discreet VIP protective services
  • Regional and global threat assessment
  • Security assessment and planning
  • High value asset recovery


Cerberus Global is aligned with some of the worlds premier manufactures for specialist equipment associated with all aspects of training and support offered.

  • Parachute equipment
  • Aircraft for parachute training, cargo drop and surveillance support
  • Military Interceptor Boats
  • Land operations support equipment